Anne Ducasse was graduated as a physiotherapist in 1992, and worked as a professional practitioner in Dijon (France), from 1993 to 2006. Since 2007, she practices her own manual technique (out of Social Security System).



T.M.B.E.A.D® carries out the recovery of the vitality of the tissues, which were previously detected abnormally tense at various body levels. This regulation has a larger effect upon the patient’s general vitality by improving it in the long run.

A new manual technique of treatment.

It is a new manual technique of treatment, created by Anne Ducasse according to an experimental method, achieved after ten years of research. Above all , characterized by its global nature, it applies to the whole body  tissues. Its nature is global for two reasons:

  • it is based on the concept of the Human being as an indivisible unit. Closely linked, interwoven, and mutually dependent, the body, the energy and the emotions, define the total individual ground;
  • it makes it possible to treat a symptom from the total and individual point of view, by putting it in the patient’s context and  way of life. This makes it possible to understand “why it hurts somewhere”.


What does T.M.B.E.A.D.® offer?

Any symptom is an expression of the self, which is not caught but which develops in an individual imbalanced ground. Specific palpation in T.M.B.E.A.D® highlights the symptom development  in body tissues and its links to the whole of the body.

Thus, T.M.B.E.A.D® treats any affection, whether it is recent or not, traumatic or not, recurring or not, according to two ways:

- one is curative, in two or three sessions depending on the work to be done;

- the other is preventive, in sessions spread over the year, to rebalance the individual ground.

These two ways can be combined.

What is its field of application ? 

It is vast and applies to any acute or chronic affections, traumatic or not, such as tendinitis, muscular affections, affections of the rachis or of the limbs, sciatica, neuralgias of the upper limbs, after-effects of fractures or surgery, scars, unexplained pains, rheumatisms, gynaecological disorders, digestive disorders, insomnia, stress, chronic tiredness, depressed states, pre and post-operative states, giddiness, weakness of the immune system, tinnitus, etc.


   How does the therapist work ?  

The symptom affects a body area which will be the starting point of a listening palpation of the tissues applied locally and then to the whole body, according to a specific touch, allowing a precise reading of the body structures, the channels they carry, and later, their relationship with the mental activity, analysing them according to the Five Elements of Chinese Energetics.

This establishes the understanding of physiological and energy imbalances implied in the weakening process of the individual ground and of the mechanisms contributing to the symptom development.

The manual corrections consist in releasing the tensions present in the body tissues located in the spot of the symptom and remote from it as well. They are supplemented by visceral corrections which are essential to rebalance the ground.

What are its effects?

T.M.B.E.A.D® has several effects: it serves as a painkiller, it is anti-inflammatory, anti-oedema, anti-melting (muscles) healing for tissues recently deteriorated, ridding tissues fibrosis, draining, regulating the great vital functions, vital energy or bio-energy, and the psycho-emotional activity.

The manual tissue corrections produce automatically these effects: these pieces of information activate the individual healing mechanisms, i.e. thanks to the vegetative-nervous system for the component parts of the body, and thanks to the rebalancing mechanisms of the energy system and of the psycho-emotional activity.

What is particular concerning this technique?

This manual technique brings self-knowledge and the understanding of the mechanisms which prepare the development of a symptom. This precise art of palpation, based on the synthesis of anatomical and energy knowledge, perfectly supplements the other techniques of treatment, whether they are conventional or not. Practiced in a preventive way, T.M.B.E.A.D® is a harmonious link with homeopathy, herbal medicine and acupuncture. Together, they work on rebalancing the individual ground, compensating any imbalance, thus preventing a pathology to develop through  a bio – logical process.




              My Specific touch.

Thanks to studies in physiotherapy relying on the thorough anatomical knowledge of the human body and on the importance of touch in the practice of functional rehabilitation, I developed a manual sensitivity and a specific touch. As a manual therapist, they helped me to elaborate a new way of touching human tissues, which is the source of TMBEAD®.

Thus, through this technique, it is possible: 

  • to read the body tissues whether they are or not bearing a symptom: this reading makes it possible to detect the presence of tissue tensions that are corrected afterwards with my specific palpation. Thence, it contributes to the total treatment of the symptom, i.e. the treatment of the body site carrying the pain and all the circuits which are attached to it, supplying and maintaining the mechanisms producing the symptom.
  • to generate a regulation of the whole individual, i.e. an adjustment of its vital functions and its emotional activity.


A synthesis between the East and the West.    

By applying my specific palpation, among all patients that I treated, I observed the presence of identical linear ways on the limbs, the trunk and the head, that the only anatomical structures concerned with these lines did not make it possible to explain.

To understand this phenomenon, and after much research in Western anatomical and physiological knowledge, I finally got the solution when I discovered Chinese Energetics which helped me to progress in the comprehension of the human being as an indivisible unit and  to understand my own manual technique.

Knowledge about human energetic physiology resulting from Chinese Traditional Medicine, a three thousand year old practice, perfectly completes Western knowledge in human anatomy and physiology: the different parts of the human body carry the channels, conducting vital energy, which are superimposed on the subjacent anatomical structures and feed them in vital energy or bio-energy.

Carrying out the synthesis between the Western knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, and the one transmitted by the Chinese Medical Tradition, I bring out a comprehension of body tissues in their total dimension: more than just simple matter, the body tissues are fed by the energy system which puts them in relation with the psycho-emotional activity.

These three components of the human being constitute an indivisible unit, which is the heart of perpetual and continuous motions. Thus, it explains the instantaneous relations and communications between all the parts of the human body: a symptom located on the left shoulder can find it origins on the right side of the body, in relation with areas situated elsewhere (for example: in the front or the back of the body, or near the right ankle, or at the right side of the pelvis or of the lumbar vertebrae ).


The unit of the human being: the total individual ground. 

Through my work of synthesis, I propose a total conception of the human being as an indivisible unit characterized by what I call the total individual ground: it is defined by the union of its three constitutional plans: somatic, energetic and psychological.

Thus, the biological ground defined by Claude Bernard grows richer through the concept of ground energy as is explained by the Chinese Medical Tradition. In each of us, there exists a subtle balance between our innate energies, inherited from our ancestors, and our own energies , i.e. our acquired energies.

 Energy forces and constitutional weaknesses condition cellular metabolism and predispose the individual to develop a certain type of pathologies as soon as its initial balanced state which is synonymous with good health, is broken.


What does my treatment consist in?

Thanks to my daily working experience, and my initial therapeutic technique inherited from my physiotherapy training, I designed a technique characterized  by the fact it integrates the unit of the human being in the investigation into the causes of the appearance of the symptom, and gives a primary importance to the generating context of imbalances within the individual ground.

This design was born gradually, through my daily work and my meticulous observations. Here are my main conclusions:

         For any individual, the causes of the appearance of the symptom  is part of quite a particular context, i.e., one’s real-life experience. In other words, the symptom does not appear any time in the life of the patient, but at a given time, carrying one’s past and present real-life experiences.


        For a human being, any symptom does not occur at random: it develops within its total individual ground and depends on its context of life. For several individuals suffering from the same affection (neck pain , stiff neck, lumbago, tendinitis of the tendon of Achilles, chronic tiredness,…), the way of curing it is unique, customised,  built on a case-by-case basis, according to the information given by the technique of palpation.

         It is fundamental to treat a suffering anatomical part of the human body  by integrating it into the whole body, and to replace it within the framework of the complete energy system. Any site carrying a symptom receives major anatomical connexions through the nervous, vascular, aponeurotic, and visceral structures and bears channels of energy running through it, supplying it and putting it in relation with the visceral system and the psycho-emotional activity.


It is important to keep in mind that the symptom and the pain are signals located on a body area which is not systematically carrying the cause which produced it. For example, if my lower back hurts or if I have sprained my right ankle, the investigation into the only mechanical cause either on the level of the lumbar vertebra in the 1st example, or on the level of the right external malleolus in the 2nd example, must be enriched by other causes of a different nature (tissues, internal organs, energy plan, psycho-emotional and mental activity,…).

For all these reasons and in most of the cases I treated, I observed that the treatments

centred on the only eradication of a symptom have insufficient therapeutic effects to

avoid its recurrence later on.





Anne Ducasse’s School of T.M.B.E.A.D®

Anne Ducasse will organize T.M.B.E.A.D®  training courses  in France,  starting in September 2010. The training lasts one year or 2 years, and is divided into 7 or 6 courses  ( each course lasting  2 days). 

Her plan is to teach in English her manual technique in other countries, in the forthcoming years. Otherwise, she is looking for an English publishing house interested in her works about the synthesis of human anatomical an energy knowledge.










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